Friday, January 25, 2013

Kenny G..G..G.... G.. G.. G... G-Unittttt!

Kenny G.....Back in my middle school and high school days of playing sax I couldn't get enough of this guy. Love him or hate him (you really have no reason to hate him because the man is damn talented) you gotta just dig on that hair.  That ish is signature and so glad he has kept it and I don't see him getting rid of it ever. UNLIKE his last name.

Brace yourself. His real last name is Gorelick. Kenny Gorelick. Not quite the same ring as Kenny G. So don't blame him for shortening it.

On a side note did you know that he is Adam Levine's older brother.  Check out a side by side below and picture Adam with his hair. It's uncanny. I know you agree with me on this. (okay maybe not really brothers at all but nothings impossible)

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