Friday, June 24, 2011

MAKING YOUR BED.... Total Waste of Time.

If you spend on average of a minute making your bed every single day, from when you leave home as a kid until you die, you will have wasted 19,000 minutes. That's equivalent to making your bed during the day for an entire month of daylight. Kind of a waste of a month if you ask me ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011


The Stonefish (Synanceia genius) is not only the most poisonous fish in the oceans but stepping on it is also documented as the most painful thing on earth. People who have suffered that unlucky foot placement have been known to ask doctors to cut their leg off rather then live with the pain till the poison wears off.

Friday, June 10, 2011

FUN FACT FRIDAY... Thaaaarrr Sheee Blooowwsss!

If you are walking along the beach and come across a strange smelly, waxy, blob make sure that you grab it and bring it home. It is known as "Ambergris" and is produced in the Sperm Whale gastrointestinal tract. It is valued at $20 per gram and used in perfumes. A good sized chunk can be worth up to $1,000,000.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FUN FACT FRIDAYS June 3rd 2011

During the movie, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector never blinks while talking on screen.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS May 27th 2011

Typically, if you look to the left you are constructing a thought or object, therefore often if you are looking to the left while answering a question you are conjuring up a lie.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS May 20th 2011

If you are skydiving in shorts you technically don't have to breath because you're traveling fast enough that oxygen penetrates your skin and into your blood stream.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS May 13th 2011

The movie "The Terminal" was based on a true story of Mehran Nasseri who's passport and papers were stolen and had to remain at an airport. He lived there for 18 years and when he sold the movie rights to his story he became the worlds richest homeless man. In 2006 he received rights to leave the airport yet STILL lives in a homeless shelter.


The Colorado River flushes out 5 TONS of debris through the Grand Canyon every single second.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS April 29th 2011

The reason we have a "Best Man" at a wedding is because they would stand at the side of the groom with a sword and defend at all cost any neighboring villages coming to steal the bride away.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS April 22nd 2011

Today (along with being Good Friday) is National Don't Use Backspace day. So make sure and let those 'MSITAKES' fly

FUN FACT FRIDAYS April 8th 2011

Benjamin Franklin felt the turkey should be the national bird and was only one vote away from having it on our national seal and the back of our currency.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS April 1st 2011

State Laws Edition. In the state of Washington it is illegal to pretend that one’s parents are rich. Also in the City of Everett it is illegal to display a hypnotized or allegedly hypnotized person in a store window.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS March 25th 2011

Pre-Shark-Week.... The great white shark has electroreceptors (or Ampullae of Lorenzini) along its head that are so precise that they can detect a difference of 5 BILLIONTHS of a volt. That is five million times more sensitive than any other animal on earth. They would be able to detect a 1 Volt charge across the Atlantic Ocean.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS March 18th 2011

Cannibalism Edition. Ounce for ounce the human brain is the most nutrient rich part of the body. Before you go chopping up your room mate to have a healthy meal know that eating human brains can transmit "Kuru" (or 'laughing disesase') which will lead to sporadic tremors and uncontrollable outbursts of laughter.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS March 11th 2011

YAYYYYY JELLYFISH. So each tentacle on a Box Jellyfish has 500,000 cnidocytes which are microscopic harpoon shaped coiled hollow hairs. When triggered they spring out as fast as 700 nanoseconds, thus reaching an acceleration of up to 5,410,000 G's. That is the fastest moving thing on earth not on a cellular, molecular, or particle level.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS March 4th 2011

Poker Edition: The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache on a standard playing card. Also it is the only "suicide king" with the sword going through his head. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history and the hearts is Charlemagne. Which makes me wonder why "The Suicide King" is Charlemagne since he didn't commit suicide.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS February 25th 2011

Egyptians invented mascara as an intimidation factor to make themselves look scarier in war. It then became customary and carried on into womens fashion with the Queen Pharaoh Hapshetsut. Thousands of years later here we are and some women still use their mascara to scare us off. hahahaha

FUN FACT FRIDAYS February 18th 2011

Julia Child (yes the famous television chef) was a spy during WWII as part of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) set up by President Franklin Roosevelt.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS February 11th 2011

The word avocado comes from the Aztec word "ahuacate", meaning testicle.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS February 4th 2011

Lawn Ornament Edition... There are more plastic flamingos in the US then real ones

FUN FACT FRIDAYS January 28th 2011

Today is Kokanee Day in Uganda. In 1988 Kokanee was the first beer imported to the country and since then they get the day off since they realize most people tend to be out celebrating anyways.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS January 21st 2011

Quantum Physics Edition. All the matter that composes every single person on Earth right this very second could be compressed down to the size of a sugar cube if all the empty spaces between electrons & nuclei was removed.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS January 14th 2011

Wealth... If you think we are in a recession consider that the country of Zimbabwe is the poorest country on earth and has a GDP (gross domestic product) of less then $250 per person. On a 'closer to home' note... The average household income of a family in the Appalachians is less than $8000 per year.

FUN FACT FRIDAYS January 7th 2011

Conception Edition - Women are born with around 2 million fertile egg which end up dying at about the time of birth. She is left with about 400 egg which remain dormant until they are activated one by one each month after puberty. This means that they are the only cell in the human body that remains original and not regenerated from the time of birth.

December 31st 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

New Years Edition. The Quakers actually invented the holiday of New Years to sell more Oatmeal during the winter months. (dont believe me? Google it haha)

December 24th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Christmas Edition... If you count up all the gifts given from the song "Twelve Days" it totals 364 total gifts And cost $96,824.29 today.

December 17th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Tron Homage.... The computer character that helps Tron connect to his user is named for Allen B. DuMont, inventor of the first monitor in the year 1920.

November 26th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Worst Lottery Edition.... Your odds of being killed by space debris are approximately 1 in 5 billion. That means slightly more than 1 person will be killed by some junk from space.

November 19th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Disney style. The Movie "The Black Cauldron" had to be edited down twice in order to NOT receive an R-rating. It also took over 12 years to make, 5 years of actual production, and cost over $25 million. Over 1,165 different hues and colors were used and 34 miles of film stock was utilized. It was also the very first Disney movie to NOT have "The End" in the film.

November 12th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

For all you lovers out there. The bedroom is the most common place for 'sexin'. Let's see if you can guess which place is second most popular. We will see if the guesses add up to the real winner.
(the car)

November 5th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Todays topic is Pi. And I'm not talking about the delicious sweet stuff. The 1,000,000th digit of Pi is actually 1. Daniel Tammet is a savant who memorized and rambled off 22,514 digits of pi in just over 5 hours.

(might be useful to know one day)

October 22nd 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Men can typically read smaller print than women, but women can nag better..... I MEAN... read better. ;)

October 15th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Movie trivia... This one is thanks to my sis Jeanette. Michael J Fox was not the first choice for the movie Back To The Future. Eric Stoltz filmed 5 weeks on set before the director Robert Zemeckis decided he wasn't getting the laughs needed so they fired him and reshot everything with M.J.F

October 8th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

(watch out this one is extra geeky. it's got everything. math and triple palindromes all in one)

111,111,111 X 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

September 24th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

"Proterotype" is the longest word you can spell with one single row on the qwerty keyboard. "Aftereffects" is the longest you can spell with the left hand and "Hypolimnion" is the longest you can spell with the right hand.

September 17th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

The only domestic animal NOT mentioned in the bible is the cat. Proving once again my theory that GOD hates cats ;)

September 10th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

ZZZzzzZZZiiiiiippppp.... So look down at your zipper right now. It probably says YKK. Ever wonder what it stands for? Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha is the worlds largest zipper manufacterer.

August 27th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS7

Sand is the number 1 killer of people on the beach every year. 23 cases have been reported of people killed by sand over the last decade where only about 8 have been reported of shark attacks.

August 20th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

A block of gold one square inch can be pounded down into enough gold leaf that it would cover a football field

August 13th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

On a bit of a morbid tip... It is still legal in Uruguay to kill your oldest son up to the age of 13 if he is unable to finish the annual tribal mountain race. It is considered a great dishonor to not be able to finish.

August 6th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Ahhhhh the magical whale. Did you know that at a certain depth in the ocean whales are able to communicate with each other 5,000 miles apart. If the pressure and depth of the water is ideal it creates a layer where the song of the whale will bounce in between and travel for distances across the oceans. Now go kill those whales Japan for your "research"

July 9th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

The golden orb spider of south America produces the strongest fiber known to man. Scientists can't replicate it. If the spider was able to produce a net large enough, and with a filament as thick as a pencil, it would be able to stop commercial jet in mid flight.

July 2nd 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Malaysia is the number one consumer of Twinkies in the world.

June 25th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Spinach got the false reputation of being a power food super rich in iron when the decimal was placed in the wrong spot figuring out it's nutritional content. It is still a great source but not the super food it once was thought to be.

June 18th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

"tattarrattat" is the longest single word palindrome in the English language. It was coined by James Joyce in the book "Ulysses" to explain the sound of knocking on a door.

June 11th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

The Tulip bulb market is speculated to be the worlds first "economic bubble market" when a single bulb went for 12 acres of land in 1637. It quickly crashed and took decades for the Dutch economy to bounce back...

June 4th 2010 FUN FACT FRIDAYS

Bibendum is the name of the Michellin Man Mascot


Eskimos are unable to digest corn due to the fact that the grain was never introduced into their diet until travelers brought canned corn up there.