Friday, June 22, 2012


Todays FFF is dedicated to my friend Greg Hamblock who started his run across America today to raise money so 2 kids can go to private school.

So on the topic of running there is a tribe of 50,000 people called Rarámuri, or Tarahumara, in the Sierra Madre Mountains of NW Mexico who essentially do nothing but run. Rarámuri means "runner on foot" which is exactly what they do. And I mean they run EVERYWHERE. They run to communicate, they run to hunt, they run to travel, they run just for the fun of it.  They have races where some will run 200-300 miles in a single session and cover over 500 miles in a single week. They also do a relay race where they kick a wooden ball as they run from runner to runner which can last several days without a break.

If you want to help out please donate a couple bucks to Greg's cause.

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