Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Alright... Cause I'm Saved By The Bell....

So who doesn't love the show "Saved By The Bell"? And if you don't, go watch it again.

Did you know that the final "Graduation" episode of their senior year had already been filmed when the studio got orders for more episodes. Tiffani Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley were already involved in other projects so they brought in a ringer. "Tori" was brought in mid season and Kelly and Jessie magically popped back in again. Their appearance and her disappearance from the show was never explained.

The high school set has been redressed and used in many other school shows like "iCarly" and "That's So Raven". One more quick fact is that Zach, Slater, and Screech are the only 3 cast members to appear in ever single episode.

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