Friday, July 29, 2011

QUANTUM QUANDARY!!!! Wrap your brain around this one.

So there has been a very well known experiment in the science community known as the "Double Slit Experiment". In a nut shell it's to determine the principles of light. There are two slits in a sheet of metal and a photon gun that emits one single photon of light at a time. Now since light is a particle it should appear on the sensor behind the slits in two stripes behind the slits right? Well not true. It appears that the sensor shows that there are multiple stripes that form which means that light actually has the same principles as a wave does. NOW... this is where it gets freaky. The instant they turned on two sensors in front of the slits to determine which slit the photon actually traveled through before it hit the back sensor, the sensor in the back started recording only two stripes of light appearing. This means that the second we try to really watch what is actually happening in our universe the rules of physics change. Think about it. The laws of the universe actually knows when we are watching what it's doing. Some scientists believe that we will actually hit a ceiling at some point where we are unable to really know what is happening in the universe around us.

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